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Can you imagine what hacking your site really means? Do you really understand the consequences it presents? The Internet offers a large sector with incredible comfort for both consumers and businesses. However, every time a website does not follow proper security procedures or does not work with the secure system of a first-class website, it is simply vulnerable to piracy. When your site is hacked, some important data on your server, such as personal or financial information that is part of your potential customers that buy from you, or documents that your customers store on your own site, become extremely vulnerable to theft. In addition, today, their customers are very aware of what this means if a website is hacked, as it can be very harmful to any website where all this reduces its quality and integrity, since its customers lose confidence, you lose the ranking in the search engines.

Despite the fact that there are several companies involved in protecting websites from hackers, most solutions come later. This means that most services offer to clean the site of malware or viruses immediately after hacking your site. The real solution is to protect your website to hacking and, therefore, constantly monitor your website for each hacker activity so that you can act and take appropriate measures before hackers can make any attempt. In addition to protecting your site against piracy, there are other precautions you must take to protect your site. The most important measures are the constant monitoring of your files and the MySQL database, their constant recovery and optimization, as well as the backup on the server or desktop.

You may also think that your hosting company provides maximum website security and prevents hackers from installing malware or viruses on your website. Nothing could be further than the simple truth. When your site is hacked, the first thing your hosting company does is deactivate your site to secure your own 토토사이트 system. First, you are responsible for protecting your website, and now you must clean your website to open it to the public.

You should also be more careful if you use free scripts, not to mention WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, as hackers know the weaknesses of previous platforms as your site becomes vulnerable. You are responsible for protecting your website and there is a viable strategy in this regard.

The best solution must be provided by professionals who have extensive experience and data on all aspects of 안전놀이터 website security. They should have enough knowledge to clean your site of malware and viruses when your site was hacked.

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