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Each player is looking for something different. So there is no perfect strategy that would meet the needs of each. At first glance, it may seem that online Judi slot is a purely gambling game. And partly it is. However, this does not mean that you cannot influence your chances of winning using the correct betting strategy.

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Slots Tips and Tricks

All casino games, including daftar slot online are profitable for the player. The percentage of payments in them is above 92%. And, the benefit remains on the side of the players. This means that without luck and, strategies you won’t win.On the other hand, you can win the same amount at lower rates. If you bet small bets with more variance, you will lose less in the long run. And, also save a chance for a big win. That is why most of the gaming tricks and, strategies are based on increased variance, as well as tracking RTP games.

Avoid rates that significantly reduce the pay-out percentage

Most online slots have the same payout percentage (RTP) for all types of bets. Nevertheless, some slots, the predecessors of which were traditional slot machines, significantly worsen the performance of certain rates. In such case you must place different kinds of bet. A bet on all 3 winning lines costs 2 cents, and a bet on 1 winning line costs 1 cent. It is obvious that the bet per line is not so profitable. And its RTP will be extremely low.

Use the double zoom feature to control the dispersion

The double increase function (red / black) gives you the opportunity to double your winnings with a probability of 50%. In some games you can do it several times in a row. This feature greatly increases the variance of the game. So you get a lot of small winnings with proportionally fewer winnings of higher value. For example, without using the function of double increase, you can win 40 times, each time winning 1 dollar. However, if you have used the doubling function three times, you can win 5 times, $ 8 each.

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Reduce the number of winning lines to increase the variance

Did you know that if you set the game to 1 winning line instead of 10, then you will most likely get a variance 5-10 times higher? When you bet 2 dollars on one line, your average gain will be much higher (and less often) than if you bet 20 cents on 10 lines. When you make a bet on 10 lines at the same time, the winnings in the paytable will be 10 times less.


Before rolling to any online slot machines, the primary thing you must not avoid is that this game is all about luck. Then why need to study several articles, blogs and, tricks? This is because during your game if you are winning you will certainly make the mistake because you will use the same strategy. If you are not winning then you are using the worse strategy. Reading professional articles will help you to overcome these situations.


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