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The 5th heart, don’t count, the side always

means If you choose to bet on the banker’s side or the player’s side If the result is always, don’t count. Think it never happened. because if the result is always You will get your money back

The 6th heart stabs the player’s side until it loses.

The bet on the player’s side is different from the banker’s side. Time to bet on the player’s side Keep stabbing until it loses. If it is damaged, then immediately switch to the dealer’s side. In the next turn, do not have to wait for a new rhythm. because of the fact that it started off on the banker’s side The banker’s side is already superior. We must immediately seize the channel by hurriedly stabbing your side.

The 7th heart should have money management. Use the cash flow formula

for playing baccarat You will need to manage your money well. It may be possible that there will be a money walking formula. Help us to be more superior in the game. What to do when wasting time What time should I do? So you should learn these formulas, such as 1324 Baccarat Formula, Paroli Formula, or MARTINGALE Formula, and use it properly. at the right time that should be used

But just those money management formulas wouldn’t be enough. You have to set limits because How much budget will you play per day, how much will you get and will stop playing? How much waste will you stop playing? For example, you have 300 baht, bet 10 per turn, get 30 eyes, even if you

• Play Betflix to the 10th turn, you have profit of 200 baht, total money is 500 baht. You may stop playing at all. Trade the profit. One reason is because If you are actually going to play 30 times and you keep pushing for more than 30 times, your initial gains can sometimes be fleeting, and that’s it. Because in the long run in the end, the dealer will win.

• If you have played 10 eyes as before, you have made a profit of 200 baht, but you still don’t want to stop playing. You may divide the profit into 2 parts, receive 100 and 100 baht, with the first 100 collected and the other 100 to continue betting.

• Even after playing 30 eyes, still not profitable. So I gave up on that day, went to the movies, had coffee, slept, and went to do other things. Before you come and play again that day if you really want. Or wait for the next day so you can play again.


Howare you? For the heart of the Baccarat formula, 7 items, try it and follow along. There will definitely be a benefit to your every bet. In the game of Baccarat, I hope you will like it.

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