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Africa is a special territory in the field of gambling in connection with the nature of the population. The Government of the Republic of South Africa is considering banning or regulating gambling. The population, due to its temperament, is subject to the appearance of gambling addiction. Actions are being taken to reduce the points of sale of lottery tickets and ban online casinos in South Africa.

Discussions on Gambling Control in Africa

Discussion of the control and development of gambling in Africa is in an acute phase. Public organizations, the national council and the South African parliament will sooner or later put an end to resolving problematic issues. It is necessary to search for alternative options, for example, which will create a controlled and moderate use of gambling as an entertainment option.

The idea of ​​a total ban on gambling in South Africa has a cohort of opponents. Proponents of the popularization of the gambling business believe that representatives of low-income groups of the population, that is, most residents are difficult to keep within acceptable spending. The development of gambling should take place in a special stream, for example, for tourists or wealthy people.

Where is gambling business popular in Africa?

North Africa has a different attitude to gambling. The Kingdom of Morocco can be called the African capital of gambling establishments. The famous surf area of ​​the city of Agadir includes several popular gambling places, including the largest Atlantic casino, located in a luxury hotel. One of the categories of gambling widely represented in Morocco casinos is slot machines. It is easy to buy local currency at the cash desk, in which many monetary units are exchanged. Only 7 casinos offer their services in the country. Representatives of the gambling business organize gaming tours for Arab princes.

The casino in Morocco has the opportunity to have a good time for fans of the crowd and silence. For example, Casino le Mirage is characterized by a small number of visitors. Prospects for the potential ruin of the institution are still unclear. In Tangier, a city located in the north, there is only one casino, where there are always a lot of people, since this is the only institution for hundreds of kilometers. Major poker tournaments are held there.

Discussions in Europe

In Europe, gambling experts are required to evaluate the study of the development of the gambling industry on a global scale. Gambling markets in African countries are classified as developing. Special European conferences are held, for example, EiG-2015, on comparing the areas of business movement, varying the position of society and government structures for gambling.

Categories of participants in these conferences include manufacturers, without which the organization of modern casinos is impossible. For example, slot machines with smooth and intuitive interface are required. Only markets willing to choose the main line for the development of gambling will want to buy new equipment on a large scale. Startups attend these conferences to research promising markets, and government officials to make final decisions.

African legislation

The remoteness of the African continent from Europe is not an obstacle for the entry of the gambling market there. For example, in Nigeria there is a special position of “president of the gambling association”. Discussion of problematic issues is necessarily conducted with the participation of official representatives of African countries. Despite the diversity of cultures, the population of Africa, or rather the more civilized part of it, is also gaining experience in cash games. The potential abilities of Africans do not differ from the inhabitants of Europe. A special interweaving of cultures leads to the need to formulate special laws of the gambling business, for example, in Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria. Each country has its own specific legislation. The task of the representatives of the gambling sector is to present their business in a profitable area, including for the authorities, representatives and users of services in Africa.

Experts believe that in many African countries a powerful development of the gambling business is expected, technological innovations inevitably capture the continent’s population, capable of learning and perceiving new information. The popularity of gambling is growing, the temperament of the people of Africa can be put back on track to prevent the ruin of the consumer.

For now, players from South Africa can enjoy access to many online casino sites and virtual bookmakers situated outside of the country. They even have an option to play in online casinos for South African Rands.

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