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Technology nowadays keeps getting an upgrade almost every second and is unpredictable. Now it does not seem surprising when we get introduced to new software, mobile applications. Developers keep introducing on both ends, be it on the server end or the client end and the thing. However, most users don’t care about the server-side as long as they are getting the fast assessed sites and applications, but there is a database that is taking over the IT world by world is blockchain. Before getting introduced to blockchain games, let’s get a quick summary regarding what blockchain is, how it is impacting the world, and what is special about blockchain that even the gaming industry is inclined towards it, thus the introduction of blockchain games.

Introduction to Blockchain

Ever heard about cryptocurrency and bitcoin? If stating the best example of blockchain, it would be cryptocurrency, and bitcoin is an example of cryptocurrency. When digital files are being used as money by some currency is referred to as cryptocurrency. In simpler words, blockchain is a kind of distributed database, and it acts as a common ground for multiple nodes on the network or connections. Precisely to be said, if any processed data is being stored in a digital configuration. Here the information is stored into blocks, and blocks refer to the information collected from multiple resources. Once a block gets full, it gets connected with the previously filled block. 

Those who are not well versed with the jargon, here take an example. Here you have a carton which you have to fill the gunny with wheat, and you can only hold the gunny once it is filled with wheat and point to be noted that the cart only could carry 15 kilograms. So you will keep filling the gunny until it is filled, then load it, and the process would be continued until the weight is 15 kilograms or less. The gunny will get loaded along with the previously loaded gunnies. 

The major benefit of a blockchain is that the transaction is highly safe and decentralized, and also no changes can be made in those databases. 

Blockchain games – The future of the gaming industry

Now you must have gotten at least a vague idea regarding blockchain and how it works. Every industry is implementing this database technology, and the gaming industry for sure isn’t lacking behind. 

blockchain games are referred to when the technology used there is blockchain one, and those clusters or group of entities (real-life objects) involved in the game playing has their own set of Xerox, and these are unchangeable or immutable. Here are some of the reasons which make it clear why blockchain games are taking over the gaming industry.

  1. Every player who participated is not losing but gaining something and giving credits to the blockchain technology economy associated with games. Its industry can grow naturally or get mutated naturally.
  2. The resources for the games are bought in by the players, and the reason for this is blockchain technology is an open and without state platform, in simpler terms, made in the first position or on a higher octave of the first layer.
  3. Protocols are accessible to the public, and that too free of cost. Ethereum is an example of a public protocol. Protocol refers to the set of rules and regulations.
  4. The only thing you would need to access public protocol is your cell phone with an internet connection.


Conquered the border and the whole city isn’t far away. Describing in a simpler term, the impact of blockchain games may not be as large, but the technology is here to stay as it has been accessible at the global level.


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