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NBA is the national basketball association of North America (USA and Canada). This is a kind of league, in which 30 teams take part, divided into the Western and Eastern conferences.

This league is considered to be one of the most popular and spectacular in the world. The NBA leads in absolutely everything, from revenue per season to average player salaries ($4.8 million, which is much more than in the same NHL or Premier League).

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The tournament itself is divided into 2 stages – the regular season and the playoffs. The regular season starts in mid-autumn and ends in April, after which it’s time for the knockout games.

Matches are held every week, which gives us a reason to start making productive money on bets. However, the main criterion for earning productivity is the increased popularity of this competition.

Each bookmaker considers it his duty to provide customers with as many bets as possible not only on traditional outcomes, but also on individual actions of players, three-pointers and much more.

I think you understand that in addition to the wide line, bookmakers compete with each other in terms of setting odds. The size of the commission of most bookmakers for betting on the NBA is minimal, and in some cases reaches 6-7%. This is indeed a very good indicator, which we can only observe in betting on top football matches.

All of this is what makes betting on the National Basketball Association profitable, and we think that we need to study this tournament in more detail.

Features of betting on the National Basketball Association

For more confidence in the possibility of your bets, you definitely need to know some features of NBA matches, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • Rules. The NBA is different from games in Europe. This is primarily due to the fact that one quarter in a match lasts not 10 minutes, but 12. Also, in the NBA they play on a larger site, and thanks to the fact that the organizers make a show out of each match of the national league, we observe constant matchups, as well as a huge number of beautiful and long-range shots;
  • Financial Fairplay. Sports in the US seem to be one big business. For this reason, so that large clubs with great potential cannot ruin other teams, a special financial limit has been developed, which equalizes the chances of all rivals in the tournament. Thanks to this, we see how new favorites appear every season, and outsiders quite often win against stronger rivals;
  • Popularity. I have already talked about this feature of the NBA, which gives us the opportunity to bet on a huge number of markets. For example, on the same total before the match, you can bet on at least 15 values on both shoulders;
  • Competition. Yes, due to the equalization of the forces of the teams, we very often see completely different results, which makes it difficult to predict one or another winner. So, don’t think that association betting should only focus on the favorites;
  • Never look at the statistics of last season, because they are completely unnecessary. The team that failed last season most of the match and completed participation in the bottom of the table, next year can easily become a champion. Ha, this must be said thanks to the draft system and competent financial management of the league itself;
  • Match times. This feature is very important for Russian bettors. Overseas matches are taking place at a very inconvenient time for us. Most likely, to watch live matches, you will have to get up at 3 am or later. So, it’s worth getting ready for it. However, the league is increasingly trying to play games early in the morning in the US so that fans from Europe can watch them (this criterion will need to be taken into account in the bets, which I will discuss later).

In addition, there are several other interesting features to this list. However, what we wrote about is the key thing to keep in mind to make money productively in the most popular league in the world.

Which bookmaker to choose and what to evaluate when choosing

Well, now I propose to talk in more detail about choosing a bookmaker, because the league is very popular, and each company is trying to offer something special so that the better bet on their site.

Among the key parameters for choosing a bookmaker, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Margin size. This is a kind of commission that the bookmaker takes from each better bet. This is what the bookmaker makes money on, so the smaller the commission, the more money we can win;
  • Schedule of matches. Sometimes, you can track some trends and bet on them with high odds and patency. However, not every bookmaker will be ready to offer such bets. For this reason, look for sites of companies that boast the ability to accept exclusive bets;
  • Website convenience. Basketball is a very dynamic sport, so most bettors prefer to bet live. From this there is a need for quick acceptance of the bet. So, focus on well-designed sites that work without any delays;
  • Reputation. Now a huge number of fraudulent organizations have divorced, which attract with their conditions, but do not pay out the winnings. So, read the reviews of each company with which you plan to cooperate.


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