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Before deciding which one you will prefer, you should know the difference. Whereas offline is played in a brick-and-mortar environment, online poker is played over the internet, and you cannot see your opponents live.  

In online poker, even sitting at home, if you click a button on any online poker site, you find before you, tables well-arranged and players of different ranks sitting and prepared to play with you.  But, for an Offline Poker, you have to put on your dress, start your car and travel all the way to a casino. And when you reach there, you find all the tables filled and all players, engaged. You have to wait.

In online poker, you have the advantage of playing at your ease and convenience and the option of playing with players all of whom are of your skill level. But, you can’t find the cocktail waitress buzzing around, refilling your drinks, nor the enticing face of a friendly dealer. Moreover, in the offline game, you play against people with blood and bone that react differently to different situations.

You get an advantage there. You can read your opponents’ hand by minutely watching their facial expression and body language, which in Poker language is known as “poker tales.” ‘Watch your opponents’ heavy breathing, sudden eye movement or trembling hands. Be alert that your opponents don’t watch these signs with you.

Tactical Difference

If you have the right skill, you can know many ‘tales’ that act as a great catalyst for winning poker games3 But, if you are playing poker online, the only tell you to get is the betting pattern and pace or speed of playing of your opponent. But, if you are playing offline, you can get in the form of a raise on the blinds, the amount they are betting, a check on the blinds, bet on the flop, a check on the river cards ob the turn.

When a player is playing very aggressively, you can well judge that he is bluffing. After getting a blueprint of betting patterns, you can resort to suitable strategy. You don’t get this strategic advantage if you are playing online.

If you choose to play on the Indonesian situs poker online, you get the advantage of playing on multiple tables and thus improve the chances of your winning. After learning the tricks of playing on multiple tables online, you can venture into playing well offline. Moreover, online poker provides you a lot of information, like chip counts on the fly of your opponent and your chip counts. Digital game is data-oriented and thus makes a big difference from offline poker.

While both have their pros and cons, both may be considered complementary.  When well-versed in understanding tells, you can make its advantage even on online poker.

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