What are the advantages of playing poker online? Do you know the hands?

 There are several advantages of playing Situs domino terpercaya poker in an online casino. You can play from wherever you want and when you want. In many online casinos you can practice your game by playing Spanish poker, free Caribbean poker or free online Texas Hold’em poker. If you take advantage of the casino bonuses and welcome packs of online casinos you will get much more out of your money. And you will be able to play more and bet more.Your security and privacy are guaranteed by RNG security software in the best online casinos.

Values ​​of games or hands

Below you will see a list of the best poker hands that you can have in descending order of value.

  • Royal Flush – This is the best game that a poker player can have. These are cards on a consecutive scale of values ​​without jumps. And in which the cards are all of the same suit: A, K, Q, J and 10.
  • Straight Flush – These are five cards of the same suit in consecutive sequence with no value jumps. The higher the highest value of the ladder, the better the ladder.
  • Poker – The combination that lends its name to the game consists of four equal cards. The value of the poker card game is determined by the value of the repeated card. That is, a poker of Q, K or A. The kicker, the fifth card, has no value.
  • Full house – It is a trio and a pair. That is, three equal cards and two other equal ones. As in all games, the value of the game card determines the value of the game.
  • Color – This is the game consisting of five cards that have the same color or are of the same suit. The value of the cards does not determine the value of the game.
  • Ladder – This is the game consisting of cards of consecutive values ​​but which do not have the same color or are of the same suit.
  • Leg or trio: It is a game made up of three equal cards. As in almost all games, the value is determined by your highest card.
  • Double Pair – This is the game consisting of two pairs of similar cards. If two or more players have a pair of equal value, the second pair breaks the game.
  • Pair – It is a game similar to the double pair. As in most games, the value is determined by your highest card.
  • High card – If the player has not won any game, the hand is won by whoever has the highest value card.

Conclusion: know the truth!

Always choose the professional casino site such as poker99 online to play poker. There you will find from the rules from poker to tricks and card counting systems applied to the game of poker. If you have never played online poker, don’t worry. In online casino poker games, the game / hand is defined automatically. So you can learn playing relaxed and without fear to be wrong.